Been to the Games!

I have been to the games this week. Here is a write up on CJ Wilson. I was at this game this  weekend !!!!!!

So Many Games

I will have gone to Games Friday to Tuesday this week, that I have not have time Blog. Check Out CJ Wilson’s first win MLB looks at CJ’s first win

4/11 Ian Kinsler Hat day.

I got back to the ballpark late again, and did not get to snag or anything.
I had nice seats though!
I had great food to eat all brought from home. The Rangers let people bring food in.
I had a great cheese sandwich with cheese.

After all that I needed some Nachos!
Oh, did I tell you it was Ian Kinsler Hat day? Ian is one of my favorite Rangers, and I have been able to meet him a few times.
The Video Board Broke during the game
Thankfully the boards was fixed to see Joaquin Arias at bat. Joaquin has brought his boomstick to the games.
After the videoboard came back on, I went ot say to a friend who has season tix down low.
His seats are a bit better than mine.

The Rangers brought out the big bats in the game and Won!

It was great to see a Texas win!


TCU and Baseball too! 4/10

Before I went to the Rangers game, I went to TCU in Fort Worth who was having a scrimmage and a sale of game used stuff. As I had to go to the Ranger game, I only came for the sale.

It was neat to see game used stuff.
It was held in the visitors locker room at Amon Carter Stadium.
I wear size 15 shoes and have to shop at places like Nordstroms and pay $150 for shoes. So it was great to see a pair of shoes for $30.

It was great to get a good deal on shoes and see Amon Carter Stadium during baseball season.

On to the Ranger game, it was Calender day. Great Graphics!



It was a great game, and I got my first free taco coupon for the Rangers scoring in the sixth. Tacos are just as good as catching a foul ball.

Frank Frisco blew the game in the 9th. At least there was a Clint Black concert afterward out side the stadium.

a bunch of people went.

At least there is another game to go to….

Opening Day in Frisco

I attended my second opening day of the year, by attending opening day in for the Frisco Rough Riders, who are the Double A affiliate of the Texas Rangers. Frisco is a great little town with malls, and offices, and great new places to drink and eat. I was psyched that along with the Rangers, I will be able to go to Frisco games in the all you can eat Teddy Seats. Named after the most famous Rough Rider, Teddy Roosevelt . I like that I can drink all the sodas I can drink, and eat hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, and popcorn. openfrisco1.jpg 

Due to traffic on most roads around Dallas, I got to the game late, and did not have time for Shenanigans. I also ate a bunch of food. I did finally get to my seat which was awesome.

I love the minors because of the promotions that are done with the mascots for t shirts.

Heck people were louder for the shirts tossed in the crowd than the game.


I am happy having Teddy Seats, I also get the promos. For this Game it was an Elvis Andrus Shirt. Elvis Andrus is the Short Stop for the Rangers, who I got to see play in Frisco.

It was great at the end of the game that the some of the Riders meet the fans. Chet Lemon’s son Marcus,
and Johnny Whittleman

I know the players want to get to the show, but the minors is fun for the fans.

Opening Day

Opening day was fun. I got to go thanks to MLB’s approved scalper It was easy to buy tickets and I plan to use Stubhub. The Rangers Ballpark in Arlington looks great on Opening Day.

I noticed this sign near the park on a streetlight
This is the Motto for the Texas Rangers this year. “It’s Time”. It means that the Rangers are not simply relying on their Obama style hope in people in Frisco TX and Bakersfield CA. It is time for the Big league club in Arlington to Win.

I like Opening Day in Arlington. For one day the local sports media treats baseball with the same reverance it does as Football.
Here are Richie Witt and Newy Scrugs from 105.3 the Fan in DFW.

It is great to see Rangers like Darrin O’day who I have met at CJ Wilson’s charity events.

Plus Opening Day is the Only day that People Parachute in the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington to deliver the ball

I also loved seeing the TV pregame show done. Jim Sundberg, Steve Busby, and John Rhadigan do a good job.

I also go the autograph of the Toronto Blue Jays’ Travis Snyder
Thanks Travis! I also love the Big American Flags!
ballpark Flag.jpg

Shawn Marcumof the Blue Jays threw a No Hitter until this guy ran on the field.
The Rest is History!!!

The funnest part, after the game I bumped into prospective owner Chuck Greenberg and his wife. Nice Folks indeed!

Opening Weekend in Texas

This year I did the circuit of Opening Day festivities. The Rangers
always have a banquet to open the season. The banquet benefits the
Texas Rangers foundation. I had the Fish Meal, and sat way in the back.
I hear back in the day, that players used to be at tables. Not any
more!!!!! Now the Texas Rangers are up at a head table. I can understand wanting to eat in peace and not having an autograph session.

The next day the Rangers played the Kansas City Royals in Frisco Texas at the Dr. Pepper Ballpark. I like the smallness, with access to the MLB ballplayers like Neftali Feliz, the media, and the all you can eat food


Tomorrow, I am going to a Dallas Stars game, and will do a blurb on opening day.

Lets Link Something

CJ Wilson Video

C.J Wilson is my favorite Ranger. Here is a video about him

Baseball 2010

I plan to use this site to cover baseball of all types. I will do the Pictures and writing thing here in the near future. I will do the autograph, snagging baseballs, road trip to games, thing like others do, and may talk about other sports. I will stay positive in writing, but I may say some things that need to be said. I am not into stats past ERA and RBIs, so be ready to be dazzled. 


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